Hinge Phone Number

Can You Get Hinge Customer Service Number?

Hinge is one such dating site that is completely different from its competitors. The site doesn’t focus on careless swiping left and right but believes in matching you with a profile that matches your likes, dislikes and other interests. Hinge is dedicated to building a true relationship between two matched profiles that doesn’t restrict itself to one-night stands and sexting. That said, contacting the Hinge customer service number might sound challenging as you might not have got it anywhere across the internet. As such, there’s no way you can connect to their customer support simply by dialling a number. To get more information on their phone number, keep reading.

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How to Call Hinge Phone Number?

Once you know the route to connect to Hinge, you need not wander about the internet mindlessly in search of a Hinge phone number. The below-mentioned phone numbers will connect you to one of their certified and authentic operators. xxx xxx-xxxx xxx xxx-xxxx xxx xxx-xxxx All of the above-mentioned numbers are operational, though you should contact the first listed number first. However, if the phone keeps ringing and there’s no one to answer it, you can try the remaining numbers as well. None of the mentioned numbers is machine-operated but will be picked up by a person who is associated with Hinge. After calling one of the numbers, you have to press two and wait for an operator to patch up the line.

Hinge Customer Support Contact Details

Hinge is an exceptionally trustworthy dating site that works by offering you a list of verified profiles from the time of your log-in to help you match with someone based on your preference and age. Unlike other dating sites, Hinge offers only a short list of selected candidates so you don’t face difficulties in matching. But to get the customer contact number, you might have to struggle a bit. It is always a difficult task to call and get connected with Hinge customer support successfully. Every customer support tends to keep their callers on hold while they struggle to connect you with an operator who is free to take your calls.

What is the Waiting Time to Connect with Hinge Customer Service Desk?

When you call the Hinge customer service number, you might have to wait for around 20 minutes approx.. to get connected with an operator. But if you happen to be lucky, someone will connect your call and start talking within 15 minutes only. The calling hours for the Hinge customer support desk start from 8.00 in the morning and ends at 5.00 in the evening.

What is the Alternative to Calling Hinge Customer Support?

Calling Hinge customer support is an ideal way of getting an answer to your question without delay. But if you like, you can always visit their official customer support website. Customer support websites work great for people who aren’t much into talking over the phone. After accessing the site, consider pressing on the Contact Customer Care that you see in the centre of the page. This link will redirect you to the login page of Hinge where you would be asked to enter the necessary information. Thereafter, you can contact their online customer support number. You can refer to the eHarmony Help Center as well to access informational links like pricing, FAQ, tech support, etc.

What is the Waiting Period for Getting Replies from Customer Support Online?

Online customer support of Hinge replies to your queries and doubts within one day or so. There’s no assurance on that but to get a timely response, it is better to call the above-mentioned contact details only. With just one dial, you can get the premium-quality customer support experience that you deserve as a client. Getting through Hinge customer support might feel like a big battle at first, but trust us when we say that you aren’t alone in this. Everybody has faced it in their lifetime. This is one such ideal way of contacting customer advocates and seeking immediate assistance on concerns that you are facing. Hinge is known for maintaining its consistency in delivering superior dating services, but their customer support is yet to improve. With a few more accessible contact details, Hinge can further become a leading dating app with the broadest range of clientele base.

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